Christmas Clearinghouse: Reaching Out to Those in Need


Montgomery, Alabama (November 2, 2017) – The Christmas Clearinghouse would be a perfect recipient of your generous giving this holiday season. The Clearinghouse helps those in need feel special and that someone really does care! For 35 years, the Christmas Clearinghouse has partnered with the community to help solve enormous problems for poor families.

The Christmas Clearinghouse, a program of HandsOn River Region, is a partnership of churches, organizations and service providers who join to assist those in need during the holiday season and avoid duplication of giving. The success of the Clearinghouse depends on the efforts of thousands of volunteers. We encourage clubs, organizations, individuals, churches and agencies to “adopt” families who have registered for help. “Adoption” means providing gifts and much needed items for each member of the family. Another important way the community can help is by donating to the Christmas Clearinghouse to provide gift certificates for families who have not been “adopted” so that they too can experience the joy of the season.

The Christmas Clearinghouse is a central file of needy families who have registered with local churches and service providers in the community.  All registration forms come to HandsOn River Region where the information is entered into the Clearinghouse database. Some agencies are able to help those families who register with them. These names are entered for clearing and to help avoid duplication of giving. Families who are not helped by agencies or organizations where they registered are also entered into the system. The Christmas Clearinghouse tries to assist these families through community “adoptions” or gift certificates made possible through fundraisers and donations to the Christmas Clearinghouse. With the combined efforts of our community, over ten thousand individuals are cleared and helped annually during the holiday season.

The Christmas Clearinghouse creates a bonding experience for the citizens of our community. There is a generosity and kindness which crosses all lines. The program works and makes a difference in thousands of lives. Partnering with the Christmas Clearinghouse is a wonderful way to spread the joy of the season to others.

Want to help? Visit to adopt a family, make a donation or volunteer with the program!

Photo: St. James School students donated care baskets for needy families.

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