Alabama DHR partners with ACCS to promote workforce particpation

By Jamal Thomas
Montgomery, AL-The Alabama Department of Human Resources partnered with the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) to launch three programs to help more residents, including prospective college students and citizens who were previously incarcerated, earn livable wage jobs:
  • Alabama DHR Summer Youth Employment Program
  • Childcare Training program
  • Transition to Employment
Through the DHR Summer Youth Employment Program, students ages 16-25 can obtain employment opportunities and on the job training with colleges in ACCS.
The Childcare Training program aims to fill the need for childcare providers in Alabama.
Four Star Freightliner is one of the partners with the Transition to Employment Program. They train individuals who were previously incarcerated so they can pursue careers in the trucking industry.
The goal of each program is to increase workforce participation and reduce residents’ dependency on financial assistance programs.
For more information about these programs residents can contact their local adult education provider or ACCS DHR Project Director for more information.
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