Alabama Legislative Black Caucus releases statement on U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Allen v. Milligan


Montgomery, AL- Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Allen v. Milligan that
Alabama must redraw the state’s congressional map to allow an additional Black
majority district to account for the fact that the state is 27% Black.

Senator Merika Coleman, Chair of the Alabama Legislative Black Caucus, stated, “From
the beginning of this case, we have strongly denounced racial gerrymandering and will
continue our efforts to ensure that districts are drawn equitably and fairly. I applaud
Chief Justice Roberts for preserving Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. This is a major
victory for Black voters in Alabama, as well as the entire nation.”

Representative Napoleon Bracy, Jr., Vice Chair of the Alabama Black Legislative
Caucus, remarked, “In a resounding victory for fair representation, the Supreme Court’s
unexpected decision stands as a powerful testament to the importance of upholding the
Voting Rights Act. By prohibiting racial gerrymandering in Alabama, the Court reaffirms
the principle that every citizen’s voice deserves to be heard, regardless of their race.
This ruling sends a clear message that political power should not be diluted through
discriminatory practices, ensuring that the spirit of democracy remains strong and
inclusive in Alabama.”

The Alabama Legislative Black Caucus applauds this decision to uphold a key
component of the Voting Rights Act.

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