​ASU Receives $1.4 Million Grant for Upward Bound Math and Science Program 


    By Hazel Scott/ASU

    Alabama State University’s Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS) program will receive a $1,437,685 grant over a five-year period from the United States Department of Education.

    ASU’s Upward Bound Math and Science program, now in existence for 30-plus years,  serves students from low-income families who are preparing to enter postsecondary education. The program, which is free,  focuses on intensive instruction in math and science, with the hopes of encouraging students to pursue college degrees in these fields.0

    “This grant is evidence of ASU’s commitment to student success in the area of STEM,” said  Dr. Acquanetta Pinkard,  ASU’s TRIO Programs Director. “I’m excited about the University encouraging high school students to pursue post-secondary degrees in math and science. This program is one of the only one of its kind in this area.”

    The UBMS grant will provide opportunities for students from Lowndes and Montgomery County Schools.

    “We will service 60 students among those counties… Our goal is that by going to college, it can lead to a better life for these students and their families. It’s an honor to support them and see their college dreams realized.”

    Program participants receive services including school tutoring, college and career exploration,  individual academic counseling, supplemental instruction twice a month, spending six weeks on the ASU campus during the summer to broaden their educational focus in STEM, and job shadowing opportunities with partners in the community, such as Hyundai.

    “I’m elated that Alabama State has another entity that can go into the public school system and offer these services to students. Providing services and hands-on experience through the UBMS program allows ASU to continue its mission of preparing students to compete globally in the STEM field,” Pinkard emphasized.


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