Ashley Williams & Pest Pro Services: Preserving Millbrook, One Home at A Time!


Niyah Martin, Intern

June 28, 2023

Millbrook, Ala.- Have uninvited, pesky visitors suddenly invaded your home? Fear no more, call Pest Pro Services! Pest Pro Services is a Millbrook, Alabama based pest control company that fiercely protects and serves their local community. Pest Pro Services provides citizens with unique, authentic service that can’t be found anywhere else. Not only is it Pest Pro Service’s mission to aid customers in sticky situations, but the company is also focused on being active within the community.

Pest Pro Services founder, Ashley Williams, has a passion for people and is dedicated to the betterment of her community.

Williams was raised in Millbrook, Alabama and from a young age would face unimaginable grief. At just eleven years old, Williams lost her mother in a tragic car accident. Following the accident, Williams was raised by her aunt and uncle.

Williams says, “From eleven on, they gave me the structure that I needed, and they made me who I am today.”

In 2005, she graduated from Stanhope Elmore High School and went on to attend Huntington College in Montgomery, Alabama. There, Williams pursued accounting and graduated in 2009 with her accounting degree. After working for fourteen years, Williams would become intrigued with the art of business and would eventually decide to embark on a path of her own.

Williams says, “I always knew I wanted to own my own business one day, I just didn’t know what it would be. I had some realizations with life and decided I was ready to make that leap.”

After receiving support and motivation from loved ones, Williams founded Pest Pro Services in October of 2020.

Pest Pro Services offers customers a wide array of maintenance for their homes. Customers can choose from full termite, mosquito, rodent and pest control services. Pest Pro Services provides specialties that include flea, fungus, new construction, and yard treatments. The company also conducts real estate inspections for closings. The use of Pest Pro Services advanced technology and methods ensures the utmost service quality for customers.

Williams says, “As far as services go, we use technology to our advantage. We rotate our products each month so that insects don’t build a tolerance up to what we’re using. With the Alabama weather, we must use products that can adapt, so we’re not afraid to spend a little extra money to make sure that the service is done the right way.”

Taking on the responsibility of a booming business can prove to be a difficult task. With the stress of planning multiple projects and managing workers, one can expect it to take a large mental toll on them. However, Williams’ passion for community helps her to overcome such hardships.

“I wish I knew about the sleepless nights before I started my business. People see the trucks and the accolades, but they don’t see the sleepless nights,” Williams says. “Our main goal is to always help people. My passion is to help and support people, that’s what we do here. That passion is what drives me every day.”

As for the future, Williams is looking forward to the expansion of Pest Pro Services one day, but for now is more committed than ever to her hometown. Williams says, “I would love to see Pest Pro in a different area one day, but for right now, the River Region has enough bugs, so we’re going to hang around here and do the best job we can for our local folks.”

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