ASU has Historic New Partnership with U. S. Veteran Affairs Acquisition Academy


MONTGOMERY, AL- Alabama State University has announced the formation of a new and historic partnership with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) to develop a high-quality curriculum in support of the University’s academic programs.

“This is what we like to call ‘CommUniversity,’ a term that denotes that the University is working in tandem with others within the community and abroad for the greater good of both,” said Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr., President of Alabama State University.

Ross said that this new venture with the VAAA enhances ASU’s existing efforts as it continues to build on the countless partnerships that the University has made over the years.

“ASU will soon sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the U. S. Defense Acquisition University (DAU) that will provide ASU access to the large repository of high-quality acquisition curriculum that is being used to train both military and civilian personnel across the federal government,” Ross said.

“This is both historic and exciting because we’re the only HBCU that has entered into a partnership with the VAAA, which is wonderful because it allows us to reach out to a community of underserved students in America,” Ross said.

According to wording within the MOU, Alabama State University’s Percy J. Vaughn Jr. College of Business Administration (COBA) will infuse the DAU curriculum into its program and offer a course on ‘Acquisition and Contracting’ to its undergraduate students by Spring 2019.

The chancellor of the VA Acquisition Academy is Dr. Ruby Harvey, and she believes the ultimate goal of the joint venture with ASU is helping students obtain government careers.
“This pilot program to assist ASU in the development and delivery of acquisition related training for their students is an excellent concept of the federal government working with undergraduate students to assist in preparing them for careers in government service. The VA Acquisition Academy is pleased to participate with ASU on this program,” Harvey said.

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