Black Tie Magazine Live Interview Series

By Mikala McCurry

Montgomery, AL- On Friday, June 30th, 2017, Black Tie Magazine celebrated the closing of a successful quarter with a “Live Interview Series” Event. This event allowed for deeper discussion of the topics and issues addressed in the latest issue of Black Tie Magazine.

Black Tie Magazine was founded in 2015 by Christopher and Jasmine Ball. This couple was inspired to share stories about black businesses in Montgomery, Alabama. The magazine began as a search for African-American businesses in the Montgomery area and blossomed into a lifestyle magazine from the African-American perspective.

At the end of each quarter, Black Tie Magazine hosts a “Live Interview Series” to discuss the latest issue. The event was conducted by Founder Jasmine Ball and a panel of prestigious individuals that contributed articles to the latest issue of Black Tie Magazine. The panel included: Dr. Robert White, an instructor of African-American Humanities at Alabama State University; Karen Harris, a licensed agent of New York Life Insurance; Tia-Muti’ah Lennora Pierrot, an educational consultant; and Social Science student Andre Carter.

A discussion and debate session was held about current issues and events in society, including racial tensions, religious differences, and disconnections within the community. Solutions to these problems were discussed by each of the panelists in relation to the article that they submitted to Black Tie Magazine.

The purpose of this event, and Black Tie Magazine as a whole, is to “create community”. Both Jasmine and Christopher desire to bridge the gap within the community and help us all to get informed, get inspired, and get involved.

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