DrMcBy Dr. Lori McMillian

A common misconception is that one must be in pain to see a chiropractor. Pain is actually the last symptom to appear and the first symptom to be relieved.  There are many conditions, with symptomatic pain that chiropractic care may be helpful with such as:

Headaches · Neck Pain and stiffness·Low Back pain and stiffness·Shoulder Pain·Hip Pain·Knee Pain·Sciatica·Numbness

These symptoms are often deeply rooted neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions, meaning that these sensations are just the tip of the iceberg. Chiropractors seek to resolve the root of the dysfunction, not just alleviate the pain.

But we’re not talking about pain…

There are also many conditions, without symptomatic pain, that decrease the quality of life. Here are some non-pain conditions that chiropractic care can help with:

Loss of balance Decreased flexibility
Decreased mobility Post-surgical contracture
Frozen shoulder Decreased athletic performance

Is Chiropractic right for me?

Yes. If you answer yes to any of these questions, regardless of if you are in pain …

Have you ever “slept wrong’ or had a kink in your neck? Every time that you have “slept wrong,” you have weakened the muscles of your neck as well as mal-positioned your vertebral column. Chiropractic re-aligns the spine, strengthens and relaxes the muscles in your neck and helps restore proper motion all of which may decrease future injury.

Have you ever had numbness or tingling other than the “fallen asleep” feeling that can be attributed to your body position?  Numbness and tingling are direct signs that nerves are irritated. Chiropractors find the bony cause of this irritation and try to remove it via adjustments.

Do you get sick often? If so, you immune system may be weak. Chiropractic clears nerve interference, allowing your body to work at its highest potential, resulting in increased immunity, more energy and optimal health.

Do you have recurrent headaches?  No headache is a normal headache. Chiropractic helps to restore proper curvature in your neck, changing the way that your body handles shock absorption. This can help to relieve nerve interference, not only taking care of headaches but also preventing long-term neck, mid-back, and arm problems.

Do you want to live a happier healthier life? Chiropractic not only serves as relief from pain, it is also preventative. By getting adjusted regularly, you can improve the quality of your life. Now more than ever, people are living longer. If you are going to be living well into your 90s or even 100s, you want to be able to enjoy your years with as little discomfort as possible, right?

Chiropractors also offer non-traditional care for: Chiropractic can:
Plantar Fasciitis Increase mobility
Chronic sinus headaches Increase flexibility
Chronic earaches Boost your immune system
Fibromyalgia Boost your energy
Chronic muscle spasms Restore proper function
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Improve athletic performance


Don’t wait until you are in pain to consider chiropractic. Consider chiropractic to keep you out of pain, to keep you active and mobile, and to improve your overall health.

Dr. McMillian is a Chiropractic Physician at Discover Chiropractic




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