Coleman for School Board plans to address social issues

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL- Brenda DeRamus-Coleman (D) is a candidate for Montgomery County Board of Education District 3. There are some social issues that she would like to address in the school system.

“Students need to be supported by parents, families, and communities” Coleman said. They need financial and social resources to help them accomplish goals.”

Coleman has done her homework by researching effective school boards across the country. She learned that successful school boards are those who interact with schools and engage with the community. In addition, Coleman says that she has been looking into how to help make students in high poverty levels successful. “It’s about finding out what students, teachers, parents, and administrators need.”

As a veteran educator, Coleman has seen how social issues can impact students. She says that we need more community and parental engagement to tackle such issues, and she is already doing her part. Through her church, Coleman is an instructor for several outreach programs to include GED training, ACT/SAT prep, test-taking skills, and tutoring. With a proven track record in parental engagement, Coleman suggests that teachers receive training on how to effectively work with parents. “We need to build those bridges that will help us help our children.”

Coleman has a background in education and policy. She is a former school system administrator and she believes that the quality of life is dependent on the quality of education.

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