By Aja McCollough

Montgomery, AL– Sue Bell Cobb is in the race of candidacy for governor of the state of Alabama. Throughout her political experience Cobb has made history in the state of Alabama. At the age of 25, she was a lawyer for only 3 weeks when she was appointed the youngest district judge in the state of Alabama. In 1994, she was the first woman ever elected for the court of criminal appeals. Then Cobb became the first woman to be elected Chief Justice in 2006 and served for 4 ½ years. “I’m proud to say that I conquered as much as any other chief justice that ever had with juvenile justice reform being one of them being one of my most crowned and proud achievements.” Cobb said.

As a juvenile judge she felt that the system did not use much effort to help prevent or to help people with the problems that led them into court. Also, her desire is to expand and properly fund Medicaid to help people in rural communities whose health care system is in crisis and in danger. With those issues weighing heavenly on her heart, Sue Bell Cobb was ready to make a change and run for governor of Alabama.

While in the race for governor Cobb has a couple of significant differences between her opponent. One opposes the increase of minimum wage in Tuscaloosa. She believes it is impossible for anyone to make a living on $7.25 an hour. Cobb also discussed the “Life, Long, Learner, Lottery” which will pay for the following: First, it would fund Pre-K so that every single child would attend school. Second, every single child in public school that doesn’t want a traditional college education can have access to state of the art vocational or career tech opportunities. Third, if a high-school senior graduates or gets certified, the State of Alabama would pay for them to go to school for free if they qualified for a Pell grant.

Sue Bell Cobb is from Evergreen, Alabama located in Conecuh county, home of the Conecuh sausage. She has recently published “There Must Be a Witness”, a book about child advocacy. It tells some of Cobb’s story on how she became a relented out spoken child advocate.

For information about Judge Sue Bell Cobb campaign visit www.suebellcobb2018.com

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