Gumptown Spotlight- DJ And Sons At Your Service Handyman Services LLC


By Brionna McCall, Intern

DJ and Sons At Your Service Handyman Services LLC is owned by Demetri (DJ) Colvin. Colvin has been in business for four years so far, and he and his team has done a lot of great work throughout the years in Montgomery, Alabama and nearby areas.

“This business represents me and all the other men who have crafts, skills, and side trades but don’t know how to network,” he said. “I’m a service provider, and I also know people who are in positions who have the credentials or the certifications who don’t have the network status.”

His services include mounting TVs, assembling, painting, remodeling, moving people from house to house, house decorating and much more.

When Colvin first started his business, most of his clients were booking because they were curious to see a father and his son work. His son began doing the job at about seven years old, and that is why he named the business DJ and Sons.

Since he has grown in business, he networks with many people who do a lot of different things but may not know how to exert themselves. 

According to Colvin, the business is to be passed down to his children. “It’s not only for my son, but also for my kids’ kid and my kids’ cousins. It’s for everyone to benefit from because it’s about putting people in positions who already have the credentials, but they might not know how to open up their mouth and present themselves,” he said. “Everyone who wants to be successful, I can help you if you have the tools. I can just use you and put you in a great position because of all of the work I have established. People want quality service, and they know what they’re getting when they’re choosing me, and anyone who comes under me will have the same expectations.”

Colvin loves making people happy through his work. He adores his clients’ excitement about the finished product.

“That’s the reason I work so hard, and I love what I do because of seeing them satisfied. I tell my clients all the time that I don’t do it for the money, I do it to see people happy. It keeps me going every day… every day is a different excitement.”

There is no need for Colvin to tell others about what other clients would say about him because the online reviews tell it all. Clients have expressed how impressed they were with the quality of the service all around.

People can contact DJ and Sons at Your Service Handyman Services LLC on Facebook at Dj and Sons At Your Service Handyman Services LLC | Facebook where his number, email and services are provided.

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