Gumptown Spotlight- With Audacity


By Mikala McCurry

With Audacity is a podcast that was recently launched dedicated to educating, promoting, and uplifting the community! The three hosts of the podcast are: Dr. Kara (a Montgomery native with a PhD from Tuskegee University) , Dr. Jas ( a New Orleans Native with a PhD from Tuskegee University), and Lawyer Jas (a Montgomery native with a J.D. from Faulkner University, Thomas Goode Jones School of Law). The three hosts always keep it real by speaking their truths unapologetically and with audacity. Episode topics range from voting to dating to the power of prayer. Visual and musical artists are also highlighted each episode. Currently, the podcast is available biweekly on Tuesdays on all streaming platforms ( Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcast, etc.) and Youtube.

Dr. Kara connected the group in a collaboration to bring together the community and celebrate young professionals within the community. “A lot of the people we know aren’t just doing their 9 to 5. They have a lot of side hustles and talent that we felt could also be celebrated and spotlighted.” On With Audacity, the hosts also discuss a variety of topics dedicated to educating, uplifting, and promoting the community.

Within the educational podcast topics, the podcast promotes and uplifts young professionals in the community, such as Think All Be All and local muralist Alyssa McCurry Daniels. With all 3 hosts being Tuskegee Alums, they strive to showcase and promote young professionals in Montgomery county and Macon county while educating on relevant topics. Topics have ranged from “Praying with Audacity” with Pastor Courtney Meadows to “Dating with Audacity” discussing millennials trying to date during the pandemic.

The name With Audacity stems from the hosts’ desire to do everything unapologetically. They defined audacity as “taking bold risks.” “We are three black females who hold higher education degrees. In order to make sure we are heard in the room, we have to make sure we stand up,” Dr. Jas said. “Now we’re standing up not just for us, but for everyone who looks like us and who is trying to be like us.” The hosts want to showcase that young professionals can do it all: have fun with their friends, work the 9 to 5, have side hustles, and be themselves. “We don’t have to fit in a box; we’re going to make sure our box is open to whatever we want to be. You make the box fit you.” The hosts emphasize being bold every day.

The team also gives back to the community by highlighting charities each month and giving 10% of merchandise profit to the highlighted charity of the month. “We just want to pick up the torch and keep it moving.”

The podcast also promotes intergenerational connections. One of the most recent podcast episodes, “Aging with Audacity”, included the mothers of the hosts as guests to gain wisdom and knowledge about life.

The dream for With Audacity started in 2018 with the first season airing in 2020. The next step for With Audacity is more placement and awareness in the community. The podcast already has a following from other countries, and the hosts see it going worldwide. They also see the podcast being able to be held in-person after the pandemic with different events, such as artist showcases, workshops, and resume swaps. “We hope that what we’re saying can touch anybody, from kids to the older generations.”

One of the team’s favorite parts of the podcast is promoting resources. Many listeners have provided feedback on topics they want to hear, and the team incorporates that feedback into each podcast episode. Ultimately, the hosts want to make a difference in the lives of everyone they encounter. “If you’re going to be here, make a positive impact. Be the change that you want to see, and be a positive light. We need to do more, and more needs to be done.”

To learn more about With Audacity, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or visit their website To collaborate with the hosts or provide podcast topic suggestions, email them at [email protected]

To collaborate with the hosts or provide podcast topic suggestions, email them at [email protected]

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