Mayor & City Council Adopt New Organizational Chart


MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The City of Montgomery yesterday announced a new organizational chart designed to streamline city services and help city officials manage city resources more efficiently. The new organizational chart moves responsibilities for some of the city’s programs to different divisions and combines others into new departments. Among the changes, the new chart: 

·         Combines the Engineering, Inspections, and Planning Department under a new cabinet-level position: Planning, Permitting, and Inspections Director. 

·         Creates a new Small and Minority Businesses division under the Economic and Community Development Department. 

·         Moves Neighborhood Services and Building Maintenance under the city’s Chief Administrative Officer. 

·         Establishes a new Human Resources division, which will report to the city’s Chief Administrative Officer. 

·         The city’s Fleet Management division will now report to the city’s Chief Operating Officer. 

·         Additionally, this restructuring will move the responsibilities of the General Services Department under other cabinet-level positions. 

“When I was elected mayor, I promised voters that I would work every day to ensure Montgomery worked better for them,” said Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed. “In my first term, we made a lot of progress, and we have been recognized nationally for our steps to improve efficiency. But there are still ways we can run this city better. The new organizational chart does that.” 

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