Montgomery native hosts real estate conference in hometown


Montgomery, AL- Real estate expert and serial entrepreneur Morris “Mo” Smith hosted his All About The Properties Real Estate and Networking Conference on Saturday, October 3, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Montgomery, AL.

The conference was one of the first events hosted by Smith’s new organization Beyond the Clippers, which provides entrepreneurs and individuals wanting to get into real estate with access to expertise and resources that will allow them to navigate the world of real estate while still maintaining their respective businesses and professions.

“I created Beyond The Clippers because I want to show people that all you need is financial intelligence,” Smith said. “Beyond The Clippers is real estate investing from behind the chair. I’ve been able to create wealth from behind the chair through real estate investing and I want to show and teach people that you can be successful through real estate investing. It can be a great outlet for financial freedom.”

Over 50 attendees were present in-person, along with countless others that joined virtually to engage with the panel of experts which included attorney Ashely Smith, financial advisor Wilbert Hamilton, and real estate broker David Herman.

Author and real estate investment coach Ramon Tookes served as the keynote speaker.

During the conference, Smith and his panel of experts went over strategy, finances, investing wholesaling, rehabbing and flipping, holding, finding and procuring properties, as well as easy ways to start even if you don’t have any money or good credit.

With the help of the panel of experts and Tookes, Smith was able to introduce the world of real estate to a room full of eager individuals from not just Montgomery but all over Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and other states.

While most of the attendees were novices, some had already begun their real estate journey with a handful who had already started working with Smith

A Montgomery-native, Smith has been able to be successful as a barbershop owner while also developing multiple businesses in different industries. However, he found his passion in real estate through investing in distressed properties after receiving his real estate license in his early 20s.

Smith’s goal is to help other entrepreneurs tap into real estate as an additional, and very lucrative, source of income that will not only increase their bank accounts but allow them to create generational wealth.

“I want people to be able to invest in real estate with a strategy. A strategy that fits their situation, or just financial literacy as a whole. I want to be able to educate people and show people ways to invest and show them that you don’t need a lot of money to start,” Smith said.

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