Montgomery Parks and Recreation resumes Horseback Riding Program


The City of Montgomery Parks and Recreation Department is excited to announce the resumption of its horseback riding program in partnership with Rockin’ K, LLC, following a temporary shutdown. This program, which resumed in January 2024, has provided enriching experiences for participants from the Therapeutic Recreation Center’s Day Program and after-school programs, and has extended into the summer on Wednesdays.

TRC, a community-based center for children and adults with disabilities, is thrilled to have 45 campers, including nine in wheelchairs and one using a walker, participating in the summer program.

To accommodate all riders, Rockin’ K, LLC purchased two Percheron geldings, ensuring that participants of all weights had the opportunity to ride.

Participants engage in various educational and fun activities, including:

  • Learning the parts of the horse, types of tack, and the use of different brushes.
  • Playing balancing and hand-eye coordination games on horseback to develop proper posture and riding skills.
  • Mastering techniques such as driving the horse with reins and voice commands, stopping at designated spots, and turning with focus.
  • Enjoying creative activities like finger painting on horses and feeding them treats.

“This program offers not only recreational activities but also valuable educational opportunities that enhance the well-being and skills of the participants,” said Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed. “I am proud of the continued efforts of our Parks and Recreation Department and look forward to seeing the positive impact on our residents.”

Article submitted by City of Montgomery. 

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