Over 700 students attend Aviation Day with Wallace Community College Selma at Craig Field Airport

SELMA, AL — Over 700 middle and high school students in and around Dallas, Lowndes and Wilcox counties had a firsthand experience of the many career pathways available in aviation during Aviation Day, an event hosted by Wallace Community College Selma (WCCS), in collaboration with Craig Field Airport and Industrial Authority.
Aviation Day is dedicated to fostering educational opportunities and career pathways in aviation for students in underprivileged communities. The day offered a unique platform that inspired, educated, and empowered young individuals toward exciting careers in the dynamic aviation field. This event, with its focus on underprivileged students, was aimed at bridging educational disparities and forging a clear pathway for success within the aviation industry.
Over 700 middle and high school students from various institutions, including Lowndes County Middle School, Tipton Middle School, Martin Middle School, Calhoun High School, Central High School, Dallas County High School, Selma High School, Keith Middle-High School, Francis Marion High School, Southside High School, R.C. Hatch High School, and Wilcox High School participated in the event.
Attendees were immersed in a plethora of engaging activities, each designed to provide a unique experience. They had the opportunity to participate in flight simulations, explore aircraft displays, attend career workshops, and network with seasoned industry professionals. The day was further enriched with captivating drone demonstrations and the chance to explore aircraft from ALEA, Black Pilots of America, and the military.
Students actively engaged with aviation professionals during an air traffic control simulation and an enlightening industry tour of Aeropro. The event also featured career booths where students interacted with representatives from colleges and the military, while STEM booths provided hands-on activities showcasing the science behind aviation.
The keynote address, delivered by Dr. Kyle Searcy, Founder and President of Blue Star Aviation Team, left a lasting impact on the attendees. Reflecting on the day, Southside High School junior Shateria Freeman expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Dr. Searcy’s words were encouraging, and I enjoyed the interactive activities throughout the day.”
Dr. James M. Mitchell, President of Wallace Community College Selma, expressed his elation regarding the event, affirming that “Aviation Day at WCCS is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and creating opportunities for students from all backgrounds. We believe that education can transform lives, and this event is another step towards a brighter future for aspiring aviators in our community.”
James M. Corrigan, Executive Director of Craig Airport & Industrial Authority, echoed Dr. Mitchell’s sentiments and expressed pride in partnering with WCCS. He emphasized, “Aviation Day is designed to educate our youth about the many life-changing career opportunities available in the aviation world.”
Aviation Day at WCCS aligns with the college’s broader mission to catalyze positive change in the community by providing quality education and creating pathways for success. The event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of WCCS staff, industry partners, and local businesses, who share a common goal of investing in the next generation of aviation professionals.
Article submitted by Alabama Community College System.
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