Patriots not Looking Patriot-Like


By Condie Pugh, Sports Intern

Personally the New England Patriots are my favorite football team in the NFL. Although we are not off to the best season. I don’t think this will be the worst thing for the franchise to get back to where we once were. On Sunday I got the opportunity to watch the New England Patriots play a very good football game, but still come up a little short against the Buffalo Bills. This game pushed the patriots to third in the AFC east division, while keeping Buffalo to number one. Lastly, I will discuss the Bills football team and how underrated I think they actually are.

It’s tough being a New England Patriot fan right now, after Sunday we dropped to two and five and third overall in the AFC east. Honestly the whole season has been different with players opting out, injuries, and the onslaught of positive Covid-19 tests. At this point I am looking ahead, I think Cam Newton is the quarterback that will help us win. We just need more healthy pieces around him. Trade talks for Stephen Gilmore have been in the wing of the football world which could bring more pieces to help the team. The team also has almost one-hundred million dollars in cap space which could lead to other key factors in the team’s future success.

Sunday the Buffalo Bills beat the New England Patriots by a score of 24-21. Down half a football team the Patriots fought hard and I like what I saw from Cam Newton. The Buffalo Bills were just the better team and it showed. Buffalo went heavy on the run game as Their quarterback Josh Allen went only 11-18 with a rushing touchdown. Buffalo’s Zach Moss also added two touchdowns on the ground as well.

Personally I feel the Bills are very underrated. With a 6-2 overall record the Bills are the favorite to win the AFC in my eyes because of their highly talented offense. The Bills defense also looked very good and held a patriots team to only twenty-one points. When the Bills have a good football team they tend to go far in the playoffs because teams crack under the cold weather in Buffalo around the time. With the bills being the number one seed they will have home field advantage in the playoffs to freeze teams into giving them the W.

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