Sports review: Highlights and more


By Ross Andrews, Sports Intern

Sports as we know it in 2020 will be one that goes down in history. You’re probably thinking that sports always go down in history but this year isn’t exactly how previous seasons would go. The NBA and WNBA created a bubble system where players had to stay isolated for months to finish the season. Also the NFL is in Week 7, is continuing to have games with little to no fans at all. Covid-19 has also impacted the MLB, but it didn’t stop the league from coming up with a plan to continue games. The MLB and MLBPA (Players Association) constructed a plan to shorten the season from 162 games, to 60 games. This is the shortest season in history since 1878. They also agreed to have a 16 team playoff, however the teams that qualify were different for the 2020 season. The teams that will qualify for the playoffs include: each league’s three division winners, the league’s three division runners-up qualified, and two additional wild card teams qualified based on record. The first round was the Wild Card Series. The higher seed team was given the opportunity to host games in a best of three playoff series. The next rounds were best of five and the League Championship series was best of seven. Also, the World Series will be a best of seven series.

This year is the 116th Annual World Series baseball Championship. This series is a best of seven, played by the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays and the National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers. The Los Angeles Dodgers have a lot of fan support behind them because the Los Angeles Lakers just won the NBA Championship. This series started on October 20 and all games will be held at the Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. This is the first neutral site in MLB history.

Last night’s game was very epic and wild. The Tampa Bay Rays were up to bat with 2 outs, and 2 strikes. There was a man on first base and second base in the bottom of the ninth inning. The Dodgers were winning 7 runs to 6. However, the Rays were looking to change this narrative. Brett Phillips hit a ball into centerfield bringing the tying run in. The Dodgers Center fielder Chris Taylor accidentally kicked the ball as he tried to hustle for it, and Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena, continued running from first. Taylor the center fielder threw the ball to first baseman Max Muncy. Max threw the ball to Will Smith, the catcher. The Rays runner Arozarena tripped and fell in the middle of third base and home plate. Dramatically and in wild fashion, the catcher dropped the ball which gave an opportunity for Arozarena to dive into home plate. This was a walk off home run, allowing the Rays to take game 4 and celebrate all over the field. Not only will this game go down in history as the first isolated series but as an epic game winning play. I’m not a huge fan of baseball but I always enjoy exciting games. I definitely look forward to Game of 5 of the MLB World Series.

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