The Studio Waxing and Beauty Bar, A One-Stop for All of Your Self-Care Needs


By Niyah Martin, Intern

Montgomery, Ala.- In need of a serene and refreshing beauty experience? Looking for a salon that can cater to all your beauty needs? Look no further, the Studio Waxing and Beauty Bar is the salon for you! The Studio Waxing and Beauty Bar, located in Montgomery, Alabama is a black-owned, woman- owned salon that provides exquisite services in a clean and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

The Studio Waxing and Beauty Bar presents customers with a wide range of luxurious services. The Studio Waxing and Beauty Bar offers body waxes, lash services, yoni steam baths, makeup services and more. Customers can expect a sanitary environment with services conducted by licensed estheticians that cater to their individual needs. The establishment also provides monthly memberships where customers can receive a percentage off monthly maintenance.

The Studio Waxing and Beauty Bar owner, Cynthia Hall, is proud of her business and the unique services that the salon offers their clients. “We just want to make you feel good. We want you to come in here, get what you need done and be happy when you walk out,” Hall says.

Hall was presented with a wonderful opportunity to take ownership of the salon in late 2021. From there, she has been dedicated to operating a successful business. “God moves mountains and I thank him everyday for this business,” Hall says.

Life as a business owner comes with its trials and tribulations. Hall admits that she faces challenges that most would consider discouraging. However, she finds simple joys within the business that keeps her motivated. “The biggest challenge that I see is hiring quality people. When the previous owner first started the business, there were not many wax shops here, however, now everyone wants to learn how to wax because it is a big business. Some are not going about it the right way and I think that it is watering down the business,” says Hall. “I remain passionate by adding different services to the business. I also like to go out and network and meet new people.”

Hall has significant advice for others looking to feed their interest in the beauty business. She recommends that up and coming business owners thoroughly research the popularity of their practice in their area.

Hall says, “I would say to do research, especially regarding the clientele in the area. If you understand the kind of clientele that you want to cater to, it will make a big difference. Also, research into what shops are already open in that area because there is a lot of competition going on right now. Lastly, I would say to get connected to a beauty school, that way they can reach out to all the graduating seniors.”

As for the future of The Studio Waxing and Beauty Bar, Hall has big plans to expand the business. Hall says, “We do plan to expand. Hopefully, once we build up enough clientele and memberships where I can count on that monthly income, I do plan to open a bigger spot. In the future, I also would like to offer massage therapy to our clients.”

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