Trenholm State Community College Launches The Councill Food Pantry to Combat Student Food Insecurity


Montgomery, AL – Trenholm State Community College is proud to announce the official opening of its student food pantry, The Councill, a vital initiative aimed at providing essential support to students facing food insecurity. The launch signifies the college’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment and ensuring the well-being of its student community.

The Councill Food Pantry is designed to offer Trenholm State Community College students access to nutritious food and personal care items at no cost. The pantry’s mission is to address the challenges of food insecurity and contribute to students’ holistic success by eliminating barriers to accessing fundamental necessities.

Vice President Theresa Mays expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Addressing the essential needs of our students is paramount to their success, and The Councill, stands as a beacon of support, ensuring that no student faces the challenge of hunger alone. By providing food and personal care items, we are not just alleviating immediate concerns but fostering an environment where every student can thrive academically, personally, and with dignity. The significance of our food pantry extends beyond its shelves—it is a testament to our commitment to the holistic well-being of our students, empowering them to excel both inside and outside the classroom.” 

Generous contributions from community stakeholders, such as the Heart of Alabama Food Bank and the Mercy House / MAP Center, as well as dedicated faculty and staff, played a significant role in making The Councill Food Pantry a reality. Trenholm State Community College extends its sincere gratitude to these contributors for their commitment to the well-being of students.

The college invites the River Region community, local leaders, and the media to join in celebrating the opening of The Councill Food Pantry and to learn more about how this initiative will positively impact the lives of students facing food insecurity.

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