Trenholm State Community College Receives Grant through Innovate Alabama Network


Trenholm State Community College has been admitted into the Innovate Alabama Network and has received a grant in excess of $240,000 to expand its Automotive Service Program to focus on Electric Vehicle (EV) maintenance.

Innovate Alabama is a statewide public-private partnership whose mission is to assist innovators in establishing roots in Alabama through a focus on entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. The Innovate Alabama Network connects communities, nonprofits, and higher education institutions across the state in order to encourage collaboration among and growth within the Network’s members.

Trenholm State’s President, Dr. Kemba Chambers stated, “We are privileged to be allowed to formally participate in this important Network in the State of Alabama. It will give the College access to opportunities to connect with others to enhance our programs, and the resources provided through Innovate Alabama will help us achieve our mission of promoting economic development, enhancing workforce development, and improving the quality of life of Alabamians.

With admission into the Innovate Alabama Network, the College received grant funds that will be used to develop a focus on EV maintenance within the Automotive Service Program. “We have heard from our community partners that there is a need to train automotive mechanics in EV safety and repair, and as a community college, we knew it was important to respond to that need. The grant from Innovate Alabama will help us do just that, and we are grateful for the group for supporting us in this endeavor,” commented Chambers. Trenholm State will use the funds to purchase EV trainers and specialized equipment to perform maintenance on EVs.

Trenholm State plans to incorporate EV training into its degree and certificate programs in Automotive Service as well as provide non-credit EV training to existing automotive technicians. In addition, the College plans to develop non-credit safety training for emergency responders so that they will be able to safely maneuver around EVs after a crash.

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