Vy Moon a.k.a “da moon”


7Known by many as “Moon”, DaMoon has a long list of talents. Known also as a Rapper, Producer, and aspiring Actor, Moon’s passion began early in this industry. “My desire and passion was music, I’ve been rapping since I was eleven or twelve, and producing beats since I was thirteen”, said DaMoon. Being born in Texas and later moving to Alabama gave DaMoon a slightly new perspective on the South. Still working on his music growing up, DaMoon soon entered college at Alabama State University where he met his now wife Brittany and later having their first child. “Once my daughter was born I really went through a lot of life changes, and it motivated me to go harder in it”, said Da Moon. He did just that by working even harder producing his own music, yet sending out a positive message to the streets. DaMoon music has been heard on local radio stations such as HOT 105.7 and 90.7 HD2 with intent to make it nation wide. Some of his songs are “Where they do that at”, and ‘Salute”.

When it comes down to producing music, that’s one of Da Moon true creative processes. “I enjoy producing more than being behind the microphone”, expressed DaMoon. When you have a strong ground work and foundation set, that’s all DaMoon needs to create good music. DaMoon has produced for a wide range of Artist from Jabo, Mister ATL, and even producing a track on a web series that featured Alabama State University Might Marching Hornet Band, a documentary titled “Magic before the Classic.”

Breaking News! I have a public service announcement, if there are any rappers, singers, or musicians that are looking for a producer/host you can email DaMoonproduction@gmail.com. DaMoon music can also be heard and downloaded from Sound Cloud by searching-DaMoon. Also on Reverbnation.com and search DaMoon. He also wanted to thank two positive people he has had along the way. “Shout out to my wife and mother who have helped me turn my life around to become a devoted Christian”, said DaMoon. Advice to aspiring artist “Don’t live life going with the flow, but have a plan, and write it down,” said DaMoon. That is right! People should never give up on their dreams ever! I want the consumers, supports, and even potential clients go follow DaMoon on Twitter @VyDaMoon or instagram-VyDaMoon. Also you can email him for his rate sheet on beats, production times, etc at DaMoonproduction@gmail.com

By Octavius Combs


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