Why Your Business Dream Won’t Take Flight: A Small Business Wake Up-Call


By Gilberto Herrera

You have given it your all into building your dream business. You have the perfect product, the best location, and you have the will to win. But hold on, entrepreneur – have you put gas in the tank of your car with the most crucial ingredient to get it started? Marketing.

Not marketing might be tempting, especially when it might cost to get started. But believe me, not investing in marketing is like trying to navigate the Montgomery Riverwalk blindfolded. You will stumble upon a few customers, but your chances of smooth sailing and reaching your full potential are slim to none.

Here is why marketing is the oxygen your business needs to breathe:

No One Knows You Exist:

  • You built the staple, but did you build a way to bring people in frequently and consistently?
  • Without marketing, your amazing business is invisible to the unlimited amount of potential customers in your area.

Competition Eats the Weak For Breakfast:

  • Let’s face it, your area is thriving with talented entrepreneurs.
  • Marketing makes sure that you stand out above the crowd.

Customers Are Savvy

  • In today’s digital age, people don’t stumble upon businesses; they actively seek them out online.
  • Marketing ensures your business shows up when they search for what you offer.

Word-of-Mouth Isn’t Enough

  • Loyal customers are gold, but relying solely on their whispers won’t get you far.
  • Marketing amplifies your reach, attracting new customers and turning satisfied whispers into a booming chorus of praise.

Building A Brand is More Than a Name

  • Marketing helps you craft your story, personality, a connection with your audience.
  • Marketing makes your business memorable, loved, and ultimately, chosen.

So, get rid of your blindfold and chart a course for success. Don’t navigate the muddy waters without direction and the tools to win.

Your city, state and country is your oyster, but you need the right marketing pearl to open it. Don’t let your dream fade into obscurity.

Marketing is not a luxury, it’s a lifeline. Invest in it and watch your dream take flight!

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