YP Spotlight: Greg Griffin Jr.- Like Father Like Son

By Anthoney Lewis

The old cliché “Like Father Like Son” still stands true today when it comes to Greg Griffin Jr. He has taken some of the same footsteps as his father Greg Griffin Sr., Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR BACKGROUND. I was born and raised in Montgomery. I graduated from St. Jude in 2009 and went to Morehouse College with an Army ROTC Scholarship. I graduated Morehouse in 2013. From there I went to the University of Pittsburg for Law School and completed the program in 2016.

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO PURSUE A CAREER IN LAW? It all started at an early age. My dad was an attorney. I always admired what he did. I met different people that my dad knew and talked to them about their careers. Then there is the versatility of having a law degree. You don’t just have to be a lawyer. You can be a professor, run a nonprofit, or be a lobbyist.

YOU RECENTLY PASSED THE BAR EXAM. HOW WAS IT? I studied like no other test I’ve ever studied for. It’s a massive, draining test that takes a lot of energy. You don’t know what’s on the exam. You just have to use the skills you gathered and perfected. It took 3 months of studying 10 hours a day. I passed on my second try.

WHAT DO YOU DO CURRENTLY? I am an attorney for a local personal injury and criminal law firm. Part of my job is to conduct research on criminal law matters like robberies, murders, and kidnappings.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO SOMEONE ASPIRING TO PURSUE A CAREER IN LAW?Do not let anyone kill your dreams. People will give you bad advice and tell you that you are not able. The first step is believing that you can do it. That’s half the battle. When you don’t believe, you remove yourself from the equation.

WHAT CAN MAKE MONTGOMERY MORE ATTRATCTIVE TO YOUNG PROFESSIONALS? A change of mindset and change of attitude about race will draw more young and forward thinking people to the city.

HOW CAN YOU USE YOUR PROFESSION TO HELP THE COMMUNITY? By being visible. By staying in my community and allowing younger kids to see a black attorney in their neighborhood.

Greg is happily engaged to Kaasha Benjamin.

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