20 Minutes to Your 2020 Goals


By Dr. Yulanda Tyre

New Year! New season, new opportunities to improve your quality of life and those
around you. No matter which side of the camp you fall on regarding setting new year
resolutions or goals I think that we can each agree that living life without hope,
aspiration or direction can be unfulfilling. None of us want to live an unproductive and
unfocused life, do we? If you have not established or finished your goals for 2020 it is
not to late!

Let’s work together to get started! For the purpose of this activity I will be using the term goals. Setting goals does not have to take a long time to complete, you can actually get started in as little as 20 minutes.

Step 1: 5-minute Brain Dump
While you may not have specifically defined your plans for the year, you most likely
have been thinking about a few things you might like to accomplish in 2020. Take 5 minutes and write down each thought, consideration and dream. Allow your thoughts to run free! Nothing is too big or crazy. Try not to limit yourself with considering “how” …we will get to that later…

Step 2: Order the List
Take another 5 minutes and review the list that you have
created and number your items in the order of importance to you. When processing
items of importance consider which goals will have the most impact on your life, i.e.
paying off a credit card or going back to school or consider which goals will bring joy
and peach to your life and others around you and itemize from there.

Step 3: Categorize
Now you have reached the half-way mark of your 20 minutes. Take 5 more minutes to categorize the list. Maintaining your order of importance group them together in the order of importance. with the following areas of consideration: professional, personal, social (fun, travel, etc.), spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial, emotional,
environmental goals. Considering these areas will help to ensure wholeness and balance in your planning. Categorizing your list will also help you to assess areas
that may need more or less attention. For example, you might notice that you have a lot of travel planned for 2020 however, no financial goals to support the funding needed to fund the trips. A bit of balance might be needed to bring your plans all together.

Step 4: Get Started
Now that everything is categorized go through each section and quickly note each of
your number ones in each category. Start with the one of most importance to you and brainstorm 5-10 things, for the last 5 minutes needed to get you started on your first goal! At the conclusion of this time segment you have a roadmap to help you get started working on your goals.

Now after only 20 minutes, you have a list of categorized goals AND a few action steps to get you moving. Way to go! You did this in less time than a work lunch break, your favorite sitcom or game show. Your worth it!

This exercise is designed to get you started, motivated and intentional toward purpose for the year. Consider planning additional blocks of time to build on this activity. Build in more time to refine your list to monthly, bi-annual, 3 year, and 5-year goals. You can do it! 2020 will be your best year yet.

Dr. Yulanda Tyre

Dr. Yulanda Tyre is Owner of Reignite, Counselor, Coach and Consultation Service
and author of Reignite, a 21 Day Devotional. She is committed to helping others realize, renew, and ignite their talents, dreams and goals. She is a licensed counselor, counselor supervisor and holds a PhD in Counselor Education. She has been working as a counselor, counselor educator, author and higher education professional for over 15 years. Questions or comments can be shared with Dr. Tyre at [email protected] Follow Dr. Tyre on Facebook at Reignite, on Instagram at Reignite-life or at Reignite-life.com.

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