Berdeaux’s Sauces: A Vintage Revenge

By Mikala McCurry

Montgomery, AL- Jim Berdeaux, a retired wholesale printing press employee, has resurrected a line of authentic and natural sauces and seasonings from the 1940s. Jim’s company, Berdeaux’s Sauces, duplicates recipes created by his grandfather during a time where processed and chemically treated sauces and seasonings did not exist. Now in its seventh year of business, Berdeaux’s Sauces holds the title of the oldest line of pure and natural sauces in Alabama with 71 years of history behind it.

The recipes used in Berdeaux’s products originated from his grandfather’s original recipes. Rufus White, grandfather of Jim Berdeaux, was the executive chef at Pickwick Cafe in Downtown Montgomery. The Pickwick Cafe was the oldest running family restaurant in Alabama, producing legendary food with original seasonings and sauces from 1900-1949.

In October of 2010, Berdeaux decided to reintroduce his grandfather’s historic sauces. According to Berdeaux, this line of sauces and seasonings is designed for “the rich, the famous, and those that want to be”. These sauces are known for having “7 layers of flavor” in each sauce. Despite the decadent flavor of the sauces, Berdeaux’s products are completely chemical-free and diabetic friendly; they contain no genetically modified organisms (GMO), monosodium glutamate (MSG), or high fructose corn syrup. Due to the glass bottle packaging, all products have a 3-year shelf life.

Berdeaux’s Sauces currently includes five seasonings and three sauces. The line of custom seasonings includes: Applewood Chipotle, Bourbon Molasses, Southern Surprise, Honey Habanero, and Private Reserve. The sauces include: Sweet Island Sauce- a Hawaiian cocktail dipping sauce; Simply Creole Sauce- a New Orleans style bbq sauce, and Vintage Revenge Steak Sauce. During multiple taste testings, Berdeaux’s Vintage Revenge Steak Sauce overwhelmingly overpowered the common A1 Steak Sauce in flavor. The natural ingredients in Berdeaux’s Vintage Revenge Steak Sauce also makes it a healthier choice over A1 Steak Sauce, which includes ingredients that are also used in industrial cleaning supplies.

All products are sold in bundles and can be purchased from various retailers and restaurants in the Montgomery, Prattville, and Wetumpka areas. Products can also be purchased online at . For more information on products, or to set up a taste-testing, contact Jim Berdeaux and .

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