Brewbaker Middle School Back to Back Football Champs

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL- This football season has been very exciting for the Brewbaker Middle School Cougars. The team defeated the McKee Tigers 14-12, in double overtime, in the 2018 Middle School Football City Championship. Under the leadership of dedicated and compassionate coaches, the Cougars now hold bragging rights of being Montgomery’s Back to Back Champions.

“The first championship felt good, but the second one felt better” said Head Coach Terrence Vaughn. “McKee is our biggest rival and they beat us the first game of the regular season, but we got our revenge.”

Last year, the Cougars beat Georgia Washington 6-0 for the championship title.

Vaughn and his staff teach the team that “Winning Matters”. This unique coaching philosophy is perceived as being cocky and arrogant, but to them it’s more than football. “It’s much deeper than football” says Defensive Coordinator Kendrick Larkin. “We teach our kids to win in the classroom. We instill in them that they need to excel in life.”

When it comes to academics, the team understands that they are students on the first day of practice. The Cougars know that they are student-athletes, rather than football players. “Football doesn’t cause you to make bad grades” said Offensive and Defensive Line Coach Antoine Dottery. “There are repercussions in place for them when academic performance falls.”

Cornerback Jalen Stinson is one player who is the epitome of a student-athlete. He practices time management to help balance school work and practice. “I focus on making good grades and I listen to my parents, teachers, and coaches” Stinson stated.

The Cougars are often referred to as the “Internet Heroes”. They use social media to post pictures and videos of practices and games. They also post videos of coaching techniques. “This gives us a lot of recognition thorough out the city” says Dottery.




All the coaches enjoy working with the team and are not afraid to show it. The Cougars have four sets of uniforms to play in. In addition, the team eats out after every game. “We treat our players special” said Vaughn. “We show then that there is a right way to do everything.”

Vaughn has been coaching the Cougars for 15 years. In 2013, he became the head coach. The Cougars have a legacy that Vaughn and his staff are keeping alive. Over the last three years the Cougars have a record of 26-2. Vaughn credits former coaches Dusty Baker, Marty Baker, and Michael Toms for creating the Brewbaker legacy.

Overall, the Cougars had a good season. Defensive Tackle Kani Coleman said that he was happy to win a championship game before transitioning to high school. Secondary Coach Jeff Cannady said that it was a very fun year. “Next year we’re looking forward to winning another championship” says Cannady.

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