Cashmere Nicole & Beauty Bakerie: A Brand Built on Inclusivity, Determination, and Strength


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By Niyah Martin, Intern 

In the new age of influencers, the beauty industry has become a societal favorite. The industry continues to boom as companies are competing to push a fresh, unique product that will excite the masses. However, out of the product releases in the past few years, how many prioritize women of darker shades and hues? Most major companies are leaving Black women behind in everything from merchandise advertising to foundation shades. It is important that Black women feel acknowledged and accepted within the beauty industry. So, when a Black owned beauty brand enters the spotlight, heads turn!

Indiana native, Cashmere Nicole paints the picture of inspiration for many Black women to never give up on their goals, no matter what life may bring. All the while, offering representation and a safe space for them to be comfortable within their beauty needs.

Nicole was struck with concern when her daughter was unable to find a foundation shade that matched her skin tone, so she decided to embody the change that she wanted to see. While juggling motherhood and a full-time job as a nurse, Nicole began Beauty Bakerie at 26 years old.

Beauty Bakerie is a makeup and skincare brand that puts the beauty needs of women of color, first. The brand offers diverse foundation shades that range from all undertones, skin tone friendly lipsticks and glosses, vibrant eyeshadows, and much more! While all of the products are exciting, the most unique aspect about Beauty Bakerie is the advertising. The brand takes inspiration after sweet treats and ingredients for dessert recipes, hence the brand name Beauty Bakerie. Before you set your base makeup with the “Flour Setting Powder” do not forget to blend with the “Organic Blending Eggs.” To add the cherry on top, Beauty Bakerie also offers products that are cruelty free and vegan.

Nicole launched her brand with her first batch of lipsticks in 2011. According to the Beauty Bakerie website, Nicole says, “I wanted to create fun sized pops of color for every cake face, that could be switched on and off with outfit changes. My cake pop mini lipsticks give you all the color, with less of the commitment.”

Within her first year of business, Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to her illness, she underwent multiple surgeries to remove the cancer, which left her in a state of depletion and defeat. However, her love for makeup and drive to succeed pushed her to overcome her challenges and strive for the best for her company.

Nicole’s strength and determination are the reason for Beauty Bakeries’ success today. Beauty Bakerie has taken the world by storm. The brand is now sold in Ulta, Target and other major chains in 1,000 locations across the United States. Since its launch, the brand has cultivated almost $15 million dollars in product revenue. Beauty Bakerie has garnered over one million followers on Instagram and continues to accumulate positive reviews from top rated black beauty influencers such as Jackie Aina and Nyma Tang.

Beauty Bakeries’ best-selling products consist of its Lollipop Liners, Neapolitan Bars, and InstaBake concealers.

Beauty Bakerie is active in community service and contributes substantial amounts of its revenue to charities such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Black Lives Matter and Sugar Homes, a nonprofit organization that aids orphaned children.

Cashmere Nicole and Beauty Bakerie model a standard of excellence for Black women. Beauty Bakerie is proof that perseverance and courage can pay off. Customers will always appreciate how the brand provides a sphere of inclusivity for women of color to feel acknowledged and represented within the beauty world.

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