Cedric Varner (Host) of “Visions” on WSFA 12.2


Visions wasn’t always on Television, Did you know it was a vision starting from Radio? Well Cedric Varner and coworkers began to learn about the local television industry to reach a broader audience. Visions Radio would run on WXVI 1600AM for a few years.  They eventually sold the idea to UPN later a CW affiliate which began in 2007 airing on Sunday Mornings at 9am.

GumptownWhat is the outline of your show?

Varner: We talk to business people who specialize in our primary topics which include education, economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, health and wellness and leadership development.

GumptownWhat kind of influential people have appeared on your program?

Varner: Our guest over time have included Mayor Todd Strange, Essence Magazine Editor Emeritus Susan L. Taylor, Actress Jasmine Guy, Actor Forest Whitaker, Playwright Pearl Cleage, D’Livro Beauchamp, M.D., Dr. Hart Ramsey, Pastor Steven Huntley of True Divine Baptist Church, MPS members, Gumptown Publisher Mr. Thomas and many more.

GumptownWhat is the focus of the program?

Varner: To feature business and organizational leaders who are leading their organizations to success. We use the power of television because it is sight, sound, and motion to highlight our guests. Our hope for the program is that it will inform, inspire, and influence our viewers to continue to pursue their visions for life.

GumptownWhen is “Visions” aired?

Varner: “Visions” airs on Tuesday evening at 9:30pm on WSFA 12.2 Bounce TV, Knoligy 121, Charter 136 and Brighthouse 213. Our website is visionstv.net.

GumptownWhat is your contact information for businesses that would like to be a guest?

Varner: Contact  us at [email protected] or by phone at (334) 414- 3377. And also like our facebook page at facebook.com/visionstv and follow us on twitter@cedricvarner

Gumptown: Any other encouraging words you would like to send out to people reading this article?

Varner: Many people don’t know that the foundation for the program is actually a biblical scripture found in Proverbs 29:18. It says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”




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