Diane Stokes is a local State Farm Insurance Agent


Diane Stokes is a local State Farm Insurance Agent with her own office. She has been in the insurance business for 11 years. I took the time to connect with Mrs. Stokes and ask her more about her business and what she does. 

What types of Insurance do you offer?

We offer a myriad of products. We have the typical home, auto, life, and health. We also offer retirement accounts, education funding, savings and checking accounts, mutual funds, vehicle loans, investments, credit cards, bonds, and CD’s. I send kids to college and take care of people when their homes catch on fire or a storm knocks if off foundation. We also have a personal articles policy that covers items like jewelry in the event of theft. This policy is affordable. 

Why is it important to be insured?

First, some insurance like auto is mandated by law. Second, you need to be prepared. You need it just in case. It is the responsible thing to do—to take care of yourself. 

What factors should individuals consider when selecting a suitable policy?

As we age, we go though different cycles and have different needs. That is why we conduct a needs based analysis. We ask if you just got married, had children, and purchased a car or home. We try to uncover what our customers’ needs are in order to help protect what us important to them.

How can someone contact you to get a quote?

Click in at www.dianestokes.net, walk in at 11123 Chantilly Parkway Unit O, or call at 334-271-4723.

What advice would you give to someone pursuing a start-up venture?

Do your research. Talk to professionals and someone who knows to the business to help you develop a business plan. Do your due diligence to eliminate your liabilities. How are you going to protect yourself professionally and personally? Do you need general liability? Workers compensation? Cyber Space liability? Commercial liability? 

Mrs. Stokes also shared that being able to help someone is very important. “I remember going to a customers’’ home at midnight when it caught fire. I also remember helping a Katrina victim who had lost everything. I cried because I was willing and able to help.”