C&M Medical Services: Service that Makes a Difference


By Mikala McCurry

Dothan, Alabama natives Marcus and Chandi Butler are healthcare providers striving to provide “service that makes a difference.” They both have over two decades of experience in the healthcare field and decided to combine their knowledge to launch C&M Medical Services.

“He’s been a respiratory therapist for 22 years, and I’ve been in healthcare management for 22 years,” Chandi said. “From durable medical equipment to working with hospitals, we do a lot of healthcare.”

For Chandi and Marcus, creating C&M Medical Services had been a dream of theirs long before the launch of their company. After working with durable medical equipment for years, they both saw the gaps in accessibility and affordability for patients getting the services and products they needed in some areas of Montgomery and surrounding counties.

They desired to develop a solution that would target and address the issues they saw and help make a difference in the communities they served. By putting her business experience and his medical experience together, Chandi and Marcus launched C&M Medical Services in late 2022 and became a nationally-accredited entity.

“Our goal is to bridge the gap in the community for these services,” Chandi said. “A lot of the durable medical equipment companies around here are corporately owned. There are some smaller entities, but we still saw a need for education in the community.”

Within their company, Marcus also provides education on respiratory issues, such as asthma. Some of the equipment they provide includes hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility products. They also offer unique medical equipment products that many DME companies do not offer, such as breast pumps.

“I was a breastfeeding mom, and it was hard to find something locally. I had to purchase my own and send it through my insurance for reimbursement,” Chandi explained. “Here, we accept all insurances, and people can come in and get equipment like that here locally.”

As a clinician-owned business, C&M Medical Services focuses on the “whole” patient concept in a quick and efficient way. The Butlers’ mission is to be a resource and provide service that makes a difference in their community and in patient’s lives.

“Being in the healthcare field for so long, you see so much. The atmosphere in the industry is so strange now,” Chandi explained. “Instead of seeing things from a numbers perspective, we’re here to serve people. We want to treat them as if they were our loved ones.”

The Butlers are passionate about ensuring clients leave with everything they need, even if it is not in stock in the store. They focus on the quality, accessibility, and timeliness of services for the patients they serve.

“I like to say ‘everything is figureoutable,’ Chandi said. “You’ll never hear a ‘no’ from us.”

C&M Medical Services also prides itself on the human interaction they provide to patients along with selling durable medical equipment.

“Patients don’t necessarily know your knowledge base or how technologically savvy you are, but they know how you make them feel,” Marcus said. “People come to us unsure and worried in these situations while they’re going through difficult times, so we try to give them peace of mind with our interactions.”

Within their first 3 months of business, C&M Medical Services has already served its first 100 patients. They’ve also served the major hospitals and rehab centers in the Montgomery area.

While entrepreneurial ventures come with risks, the Butlers encourage anyone wanting to launch their own venture to take those risks. They encourage individuals to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy the journey along the way, regardless of the ups and downs that come with it.

“I’d rather make an effort and fail than to never do it out of fear that it’s not going to work,” Marcus said. “The journey itself is more important than the destination.”

C&M Medical Services is based in Montgomery, AL, and has serviced as far as Beatrice, AL. They can typically service areas within a 2-hour radius of the Montgomery area with in-stock items.

In the next 5 years, C&M Medical Services plans to expand locations and services to better serve the community and address geographic gaps in access to these types of services. They also plan to offer more educational services and resources to patients.

Individuals can buy items at retail price or file a request through their insurance with a prescription. For more information on C&M Medical Services, visit https://cmmedicalservices.com/.

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