willfrazierIf you didn’t know more than 75% of people’s credit reports contain errors or missing information. These errors take valuable points from your credit score.

This number is too high to be a mistake. How could creditors and collection companies not know that they are reporting so many errors on everyone’s credit report?

These errors, while lowering your score actually help creditors!

A lower score for you means that creditors can charge you higher interest rates and make more money off of you from the extra interest they are receiving.

Collection companies have a trick that they use that costs consumers hundreds of points. This trick involves changing the date of last activity (DLA) on a credit account.

The DLA is the last date you made a payment on an account.

Usually delinquent accounts affect your score less after time has passed. So collection companies change the DLA to the date they bought the debt which makes the delinquency seem more recent and causes the account to affect your score more drastically.

During our dispute process we ensure that companies are reporting the correct DLA to help maximize your score.


Clean Slate Credit LLC

Owner-Will Frazier




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