Cuz’n Pete, America’s Favorite Relative; Is Bringing Hollywood Studio Productions To Central Alabama


Actor/Comedian Keith (Special ‘K’) McCary Sr. is “Back By Popular Demand” with the hilarious new TV Sitcom called ‘KinFolks’ in a role that is loosely based on his loveable ‘Cousin Pete’ character in the movie ‘Poetic Justice’ starring two of the biggest icons in the entertainment industry, Janet Jackson & Tupac Shakur! And Now, he’s bringing a little Hollywood to the home of his parents!

Born Keith Andrew McCary, to Andrew C. McCary of Plantersville, and Naomi Motley of the Friendship Community located in Autauga County, his roots run deep in Central Alabama. Mr. McCary took on the stage name of Special ‘K’ way back in 1984 when he first began to grace the comedy scene in ‘Amateur Night’ performances in comedy clubs across the state of Ohio.  In addition to those appearances, he turned in a stellar performance in his professional acting debut as ‘Deacon Crow For Day’ in a historic Karamu House production of Langston Hughes ‘Five On The Black Hand Side’.

He would parlay those experiences into a resume of standout appearances in major motion pictures that included Rush, Chinamoon, and Truly Everlasting. His endearing charm and outstanding comedic timing, as well as, his humorous observations about everyday life, relationships, the world news and events, has made him a favorite on comedy club stages, cruise ships, casinos and resorts across the USA, as well as, in the Caribbean. His educational background, Christian experience, and business history has also made him very popular in churches and the corporate arena.

Now, Keith {Special ‘K’} McCary Sr., Producer / Creator / Writer, and CEO / President of MakWorld Entertainment and Enterprises, in association with Producer David P. Thomas / Thomas Entertainment, has taken on the role of Executive Producer of a hilarious new TV Sitcom project entitled ‘KinFolks’.  The lead character of this hot new television sitcom, ‘Cuz’n Pete McMotley’, is loosely based on Mr. McCary’s lovable character ‘Cousin Pete’ in the movie ‘Poetic Justice’, John Singleton’s sophomore motion picture production that starred two of the biggest icons in the music industry, Janet Jackson and the late great Tupac Shakur, along with the late world renown poet, Maya Angelou.

The TV show is currently in pre-production for the pilot shoot in North Central Florida. However, production plans call for a significant amount of footage, and multiple scenes to be shot in and around Central Alabama, that will offer outstanding opportunities for area residents that they may not have otherwise been exposed to. Under the direction of, and administered by Ms. Torie Jones and Mrs. Felicia Jackson, MakWorld Entertainment, is a division of his newly formed Cuz’n Pete And Company Enterprises & Productions franchise; A Florida based full service entertainment, film and television production company currently out of Jacksonville but in the process of relocating to Central Alabama.

It is Mr. McCary’s dream, mission, and goal to utilize his God given talents and gifts, as well as, those of his teammates, to follow in the footsteps of Tyler Perry, and make his current efforts the foundation by which we will build a Full Service Multi-Purpose Studio in the home of his parents here in the beautiful Alabama countryside in 2017-2018.

Over the next few months, we will be in the process of developing working relationships with several area businesses, and entrepreneurs, that will assist us in producing a variety of live stage, concert, television, and / or video projects directed at branding the franchise’s founder and name in the community. These productions, while offering valuable experience and training in the entertainment industry to members of the community, will at the same time be structured to lend financial support to a variety of charitable organizations, as well as, important children’s services like the Brantwood Children’s Home, and the Boys & Girls Club River Region in Montgomery.

Some of the planned projects for 2016 – 2017 include:

* The Mixed Nuts Christmas Comedy Extravaganza!  ( A Mainstream Comedy & Music Benefit Show )

* The Great Giver Of Gifts! ( A Christmas Season Gospel Stage Play )

* The Catch A Rising Star New Talent Showcase! ( A Talent Competition Open to Youths 10 – 18 )

* The Good Times In Gospel Comedy Revival! ( A Gospel Comedy & Music Variety Showcase )

Other events and productions planned for the fall and winter of 2016-2017 that will be designed to introduce and brand both ‘Cuz’n Pete’ and the KinFolks TV Sitcom include, but may not necessarily be limited to, personal appearances at corporate, public, as well as, private functions and venues around the state.

And, if that were not enough to keep this exciting  new entertainment franchise busy, plans are already underway for the remake of his powerful public service DVD, featuring a very hard hitting and direct anti-drug video featuring music by local, regional, as well as, national recording artists entitled, Wake Up America, My Name’s Cocaine!

Most of the showcases and events listed in this release will be hosted by Cuz’n Pete himself and will feature many of both his current and former motion pictures, TV, music, entertainment industry and sports celebrity associates.  Several of the events and showcases will also feature special guest MCs in the form of local TV and Radio Air Personalities.

Mr. McCary feels that this new production team is the nucleus for which the firm foundation of this production company has been built, and will be the launching pad for other Cuz’n Pete And Company Enterprises & Production’s… Live Stage, Motion Picture, and Television Projects in the years to come.

For more information about any of the above mentioned productions, investment and/or sponsorship opportunities, bookings, or to schedule an interview with Keith McCary Sr., you can direct your inquiries to Ms. Torie Jones V.P. Media Relations at (904) 600-6031 or by email at [email protected] .



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