Ensler says he will fight for the social justice of students

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL- Philip Ensler (D) is a candidate for Montgomery Board of Education District 3. He is an advocate for students in the public-school system and has a history of fighting for them.

“My heart is with the students and they need someone to fight for them” Ensler said. “The status quo is unacceptable. Public schools are not given the resources that they need and there is a lack of support.”

Ensler taught 9th grade World History teacher at Robert E. Lee High School from 2012-2014. He says those were the best years of his life. While teaching, Ensler developed an interest in civil rights history. He also became aware of some of the social inequities and obstacles that kept his students from achieving. Ensler wanted to make a difference, so he decided to go to law school. “I wanted to be an advocate for students and fight for social justice.”

When it comes to fighting for students, Ensler has a proven track record. In 2012, he launched Marching On, a program where he takes several students on a week-long visit to Washington D.C. during Spring Break. Students get the opportunity to meet members of Congress, tour Google, and tour Howard University and George Washington University. The program is intended to expose students to people who have accomplished goals and come from similar backgrounds.

With a passion for student achievement, Ensler often refers to his campaign as a movement. He says that we must view students in public schools as our own children. He believes that this is our collective responsibility as a community. “If all of Montgomery will do this, the level of concern and care; and willingness to invest will change.”

Ensler is currently a civil rights attorney at Alabama Appleseed. He hopes that the community will stay engaged with public schools after the election.

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