Financial Program Reviews


DSC_0018 (2)The single biggest complaint from life and disability insurance policy owners is, “the person who sold me the policy(ies) has not met with me or kept me updated on an ongoing basis”. Many people have plans that were purchased many years ago that have not been reviewed and kept on track with changing goals and circumstances.


A regular review of one’s insurance and retirement programs should be an ongoing process. Any number of things may cause your plans to be out-of-date, including, but not limited to:



Purchase of a home

Inheritance or other financial windfall

Job or business change

Income increases


Birth or adoption of a child


Charitable interests


Death in the family

Disability of a family member

Completion of financial obligation (debt, child support payments, etc.) Other factors that can affect your plans are:

Tax law changes

New product design

Improved mortality and morbidity rates


Investment performance


If any of these things may have had an impact on your financial planning, you should meet with a professional to review and update your program. If you have a financial professional you work with and trust, call him or her for a thorough review. If you do not have a financial professional, give me a call, and I will be happy to help examine your plans and analyze your program. Chris Lewis, Financial Service Representative, Principal Financial Group. Office 205.444.5597, Toll Free 800.253.7989 Ext 597, Cell 205.276.6115 or Email [email protected] .


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