Food from the Heart & Soul: Mr. Samuel L. Jackson


By DiVonta Palmer, Intern

Waugh, Alabama-Acclaimed actor Samuel L. Jackson is universally known to the world of the various characters he has played over his illustrious career. Hate him or love him, there is no denying that the man can act. There is another man who may not be as well-known as the actor, but they share something in common: their name! While the first Samuel L. Jackson has roles that he serves to the world, the Samuel L. Jackson we are highlighting serves rolls to the community. In light of Black History Month, Gumptown Magazine would like to give this young man his flowers while he yet lives and can smell them too.

Mr. Jackson is the proud owner of La’Charo’s Catering, a business he has operated for almost two decades. When asked what or who influenced him to go into this field, he gave the credit to his mom. “Well, my mom was a real big cook, and I thought it was something that I would like to do when I retire,” he explained. He can remember his first catering experience was a wedding reception. He says he will never forget that one because as he was preparing the food, he got a call concerning his mom. Even though she would go on to glory and in the midst of his grief, he decided to press on with the occasion which he says turned out great.

He has offered his culinary services to people from all walks of life, but no one on the celebrity status as of yet. “I have catered to doctors and lawyers, but no movie stars as of yet,” he proclaimed. He goes on to say that if given the chance and opportunity, he would definitely like to cater for his Hollywood namesake. The father of three children also expresses that no one has taken the catering torch, but he hopes that maybe one of his six grandchildren might.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but if you asked Mr. Jackson, he doesn’t consider himself as one and just wants to leave a legacy of being able to help everyone. “I would like to leave a legacy of being able to help people,” he declared. The volunteer firefighter goes on to say that even though some people may not be able to afford the necessary funds, he still will do the job that has been asked of him. Not only does he serve delicious food, but he does with a enjoyable attitude as well.

Famed chef Thomas Keller once said, “A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” These two namesakes will definitely be remembered, but the latter will be remembered by those he touched through his food and service. If you would like La’Charo’s Catering to cater your next event, their number is (334) 296-6178 and ask for Sam.

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  1. Sam it’s Jennifer in California Noel posted the article I’m so proud of you what a great article you deserve it your food is outstanding wish I had some right now Lol love ya xoxo


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