Former Congressman says Montgomery needs the right leadership to move forward

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL- Artur Davis, former Alabama Democratic Congressman, is expressing deep concern for the city of Montgomery. He feels that the city needs the right leadership to move forward. Lately, Davis has been reaching out to individuals who have invested in the future of the city.

“We are at a very pivotal point in Montgomery’s development” Davis said. “We have to keep pushing ourselves to do better.”

Davis tells us that a recent study showed that 50% of residents in Montgomery think that the city is headed in the wrong direction.  He feels that this is because many people are too comfortable with the status quo.

According to Davis, the future leadership of Montgomery is faced with many challenges. One of those challenges deals with the school system. Davis believes that we need a leader that has a plan to turnaround our school system. “The future of this city is inextricably tied to the quality of our schools. There is no pathway forward that doesn’t include our schools.”

When it comes to Millennials, Davis feels that we need to give them more reasons to stay in Montgomery. He says we are losing Millennials because they don’t see job opportunities. Davis suggests bringing more 21st century innovation jobs like information technology and renewable energy. “We need to diversify the economy to serve more of the high wage labor pool.”

Davis is very excited about the future of Montgomery. To him, our city needs a leader who has both experience and vision.

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