Free Career Development For Public High School Seniors in Montgomery County

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MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA – In partnership with State Representative Kenyatté Hassell (District 78) and VisionWise Career Development, the Alabama Career Discovery Program announces its efforts to provide free career development and coaching for up to 500 public high school seniors in Montgomery County, AL.  

The mission statement of this pilot program is to give each participating student the vision and the tools to leave high school with a plan for the next chapter of life so that they can become respectable, productive, and profitable adults in our community. This project is intended to prepare each student to identify a field of study in college or begin pursuing a job that would lead to a potential career. We believe that providing students with such a vision is a valuable advantage for helping them feel confident in who they are and in the direction of their life after high school.  

“The goal of the program…aligns with the essential need for guiding and preparing high school seniors for their future careers. By offering the opportunity for these students to explore and identify potential career paths, the program sets the stage for them to make informed decisions about their education and professional pursuits.” Kenyatté Hassell said. 

Tommy McGregor is the CEO of VisionWise, LLC, and director of the program. He has worked with teenagers for 30 years and has spent over a decade working directly with high school seniors to help them prepare for life after high school. “After years of trying to get an opportunity like this to public school high school seniors, I am excited to announce ACDP and I am grateful for my partnership with Representative Hassell and other local leaders to make this happen.” 

About the partnership, Kenyatté Hassell says, “I am particularly impressed by the comprehensive timeline outlined for the program, which demonstrates a well-structured approach to its implementation. It is commendable that the full funding for this initiative has been secured through the support of VisionWise and the State of Alabama, signifying a strong commitment from both public and private sectors to the future success of these students.” 

The program will begin with an online registration form and student questionnaire. Stage One includes a career assessment that evaluates a student’s personality, interests, skills, and values which is followed up by a 90-minute one-on-one meeting with a certified career coach to go over the findings of the test.  

Stage Two is the training phase and will include a video series that will show students how to develop the next steps of discovery onto potential career paths. Topics of training include career research, resume building, goal setting, time management, and more. Stage Two concludes with an online group coaching session with Tommy McGregor where students will get questions answered and receive additional content and instruction. The group sessions will separate students into two groups: College-Bound and Workforce Ready.  

This last step in the program will seek to match current job openings with qualified students who plan to enter the workforce after graduation. The program is working with local businesses and industries to develop a group of business partners. These partners will be allowed to submit requests for shadowing opportunities as well as job openings that we will work to help match with participating students. 

“I wholeheartedly endorse and commend the Career Discovery Pilot Program for its commitment to investing in skill-building and fostering a brighter and more prosperous future for Montgomery students.” Mayor Steven L Reed 

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