Free program helps parents with pre-school children


By Jamal Thomas

August 28, 2020

Montgomery, AL– Parental involvement in education is essential, especially in the early years. Children learn to value and understand the importance of education more when they see their parents engaged. This is one reason why Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngsters (HIPPY) exists.

HIPPY is a free 30-week program for parents of pre-school children ages 3 and 4. Through the program, Parent Educators visit parents once a week to provide lessons, supplies, storybooks, activity packets, and more.

The purpose of HIPPY is to help parents to build a bond with their children through education. HIPPY helps to equip parents with confidence to prepare their children for success in school in their most important role as their child’s first teacher.

“We help parents to realize that they are their child’s first teacher” said Slyvetta Moore, HIPPY Coordinator for Montgomery Public Schools. “The love of learning begins at home and many parents don’t know where to begin.”

HIPPY offers a curriculum that is researched-based. The curriculum includes reading, language arts, science, math, social emotional, literacy, and creative arts. “There is a plethora of things” Moore shared. “Tips are provided at the end of each lesson to help enhance children.”

HIPPY is an international program that was founded in 1965 at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Avida Lombard launched the program with the idea that the parent is the child’s first teacher. HIPPY was bought to the United States in 1984 and HIPPY USA was established in 1988. Today, HIPPY operates in 10 countries. In the U.S., HIPPY operates in 119 communities in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

Moore also tells us how HIPPY also works with families in areas outside of education. HIPPY helps with food assistance and with problems in the home such as domestic violence. “Parents feel comfortable talking to us, and we provide resources for them.”

Overall, Moore believes that HIPPY is a wonderful program that connects parents with teachers. “Education takes both the parent and the teacher and HIPPY is the link. We must work together to instill the love of learning in our children.”

HIPPY has a proven track record with parents and students. According to Moore, the program has helped many parents to realize the importance of attending PTA meetings and scheduling parent-teacher conferences. In the past, 90% of HIPPY students were accepted into magnet programs.

For more information about HIPPY visit , follow Mps-HIPPY on Facebook, or call 334-269-3769.

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