Gumptown Spotlight- Billy Johnson Jr.,


By Mikala McCurry

Billy Johnson Jr., CEO and Owner of Future Fuel International, LLC, is a native of Birmingham, AL. Future Fuel International, LLC (FFI) offers an on-demand fuel delivery service to automobile owners. Johnson says that FFI started from his roots of having a hard work ethic and being pushed by his father and mother. “My father always said, ‘the word can’t shouldn’t have been invented’, so I always tell people that the word can’t doesn’t work for me because it’s a weak word.”

When Johnson first began driving trucks, he was working at Buffalo Rock Company in Birmingham, Alabama. His supervisor put him into an 18-wheeler to see if he could operate it. Originally, he knew nothing about operating the vehicle, and his supervisor told him that was one thing he’d never be able to do. “When he told me that, at that point, I knew that this was something I had to do,” Johnson said. “When he told me it was something I could never do, I took on the challenge. That’s something that we have to do in life–take on life’s challenges.” Johnson continued to take on life’s challenges throughout his youth and adulthood, which birthed Future Fuel International, LLC.

Billy Johnson, Jr.

According to Johnson, FFI is about “changing lives, one fill-up at a time.” “It’s about bringing a life-changing experience to individuals like myself, you and any person within the community, outside the community, and around the nation.” FFI is a very unique service for mobile fuel delivery. It gives consumers the option to have the opportunity to stay within their safe haven or place of work and have fuel delivered to them directly without having to be concerned about risk factors or concerns of going to a gas station pump.

This service is especially prevalent for cold weather seasons and times in society when there’s a higher chance for cross-contamination and germ-spreading, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic and flu season. Johnson sees FFI as a luxury for consumers. “This service gives us an option that we have not had,” Johnson said. “It’s been like this since 1913 when the first drive-in service station was created. Now, you have an option up to speed with modern day times, like doordash for fuel.”

FFI was also established to create jobs. Johnson strives to be a father-figure for youth in the community. “We can minimize some of the poverty as well. The vision is to pour back into the broke communities and to emancipate ourselves by breaking the yolk of poverty and changing the images of individuals.”

Future Fuel International, LLC began in January of 2020. The organization currently services the River Region area of Montgomery, Prattville, and Millbrook. FFI plans to expand to the full state of Alabama and eventually outside of Alabama. “It’s all about expanding and growth.”

FFI offers quality service built for a variety of workplaces including, but not limited to, universities, churches, public and private school systems and residential. FFI aims to provide friendly, state of the art customer service and ensures your gasoline/diesel fuel is clean by getting it directly from the petrol terminals. Mobile fuel keeps the fresh gas coming, not allowing the underground contamination of water, fuel algae and mold, which can cause severe engine damage.

FFI’s services are provided by Founder and CEO Billy Johnson Jr., who is a Government TSA certified TWIC Card Holder with a Star ID Certified Class A CDL (HME). Billy Johnson Jr. has 20+ years of Class A CDL driving experience and 13 years of certified Hazmat Tanker experience.

FFI’s hours of operation are 3:00 AM CST- 3:30PM CST. In the future, the organization plans to run a 24-hour service. In the event of an emergency, FFI may deliver outside of business hours based on the volume of fuel allocated.

To book mobile delivery fuel services, consumers can visit Consumers can book and pay online and select the time in which they would like to have fuel delivered. Consumers can also book through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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