Gumptown Spotlight: Mary Givens, Hope Credit Union

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL- Mary Givens is the Assistant Branch Manager at Hope Credit Union. Formerly known as Tri- Rivers Credit Union, Hope Credit Union is continuing to offer services to local communities in Alabama.

Since its transition, Hope Credit Union can now offer more services to customers. Hope now offers ATM services, Remote Deposit, a Mobile App, and a wide variety of checking and savings accounts.

“We are really able to offer a lot more to the public” says Givens. “We do more community involvement and education outreach.”

When it comes to experience, Givens has been working in the banking industry for 9 years. Prior to that she worked in the financial sector of the insurance industry for 12 years.

As an African- American woman, Givens shares many challenges working in the Banking and Finance Industry. One in particular is being a female in a male- dominated industry. “You have to make sure you stay on top by staying abreast of current knowledge. When you’re not offered opportunities to further your financial education, you have to do it on your own.”

Givens is passionate about the work that she does because it gives her the opportunity to educate the community about financial literacy. She believes that knowledge is power and that same knowledge should be passed down to younger generations. “We can break generational curses and it would make a difference.”

For more information about Hope Credit Union and the services they provide call 334-414-0907.

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