Gumptown Spotlight- Oscar Trilljay Wheat

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL- The art scene has been on the rise here in the Capital City. Just this year I have had the opportunity to attend many arts shows and pop-up galleries to see art of all genres. But recently I learned about underground art. To my surprise we have an underground artist in the heart of Montgomery. His name is Oscar Trilljay Wheat.

Specializing in Black Urban Art, Wheat has been painting for over two years. His work is influenced by Hip Hop, his favorite genre of music. He often calls himself “The UGK of Art”, from the underground Hip Hop group UGK. “Hip Hop is a platform for artists to be free and to express themselves” says Wheat. “Like Hip Hop, my art is raw, bold, black, and urban.”

Wheat has always been interested in painting. His inspiration came from “Good Times”, a classic TV sitcom. J.J, played by comedian Jimmie Walker, was an aspiring artist. Wheat became fascinated with J. J’s style of art and how he blended colors.



Last Summer, Wheat hosted his first art show, The Art of Storytelling Volume 1. He plans to host another show in 2019.

To view more of his work, follow Wheat on Instagram @selfmadesince85 or call            334-300-0134.

Wheat is married with two children. He is a native of Montgomery and a proud graduate of Carver High School.

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