High school junior athlete scores 35 on ACT

By Jamal Thomas

Prattville, AL– Brandon Butts is a junior at Prattville High School. Last week he received news that he scored a 35 on the ACT test.

“It was great when I opened the mail and read that I scored a 35” Butts shared. “I told my mom and we both started jumping, screaming, and running around the house. My dad came out of his room to see what was wrong, then started screaming too.”

This is the fifth time that Butts took the ACT. He scored a 27 on his first attempt without studying. Seeing the opportunity to improve his score, Butts decided to get assistance from a tutor. Butts said that he learned test-taking skills and took practice ACT tests. He also has ACT books at home. The tutoring has paid off for Butts. His score has increased each time since; 31, 32, 33, and 35 respectively.

Butts shared with us an amusing story from when he took the ACT the second time. He made a bet with his father that if he scored above 30, he would get to pick out a car for his 16th birthday. Butts scored 31 and is still having fun driving in a Chevrolet Camaro.

Education and academic excellence is something that was instilled in Butts by his parents. He thanks them for always being a source of encouragement. His mother tells us that her son has always been an avid reader. She believes that really made a difference. “Education is important, and you need to do your best in everything you do” she shared. “There is no room for slack.”

Butts is starting cornerback on the football team and starting centerfield in baseball. He was recently asked to join the Athletic Leadership Council by his coach. He plans to attend Vanderbilt University to become a civil engineer.

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