Holy Hip Hop Artist Mister ATL Releases New Single!


Born and raised out of Atlanta, Georgia, Mister ATL is a recording artist, and songwriter. “I am a Holy Hip Hop artist, which means I rap Gospel,” said Mister ATL. He has been on the grind in the holy hip hop realm since 2010. Mister ATL’s debut single titled “No Wed, No Bed” released in June.

When asked the question, what is Holy Hip Hop? “Holy Hip Hop is the word of God formulated in hip hop, it is just the Gospel through rap,” expressed Mister ATL. ATL does not consider himself a pastor, but is classified as a lyricists who can express himself through music. “God just told me it was time to make a change,” said Mister ATL when asked how he ended up creating this growing style of music. ATL is continuing to grow in this industry by inspirations such as LaCrae, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, the list goes on. He also credits motivational people like Anderson “Solace” Ayers, who would go in the studio with Mister ATL just to pray, and lighten up the spirit to a positive work flow.

Mister ATL’s single release titled “No Wed, No Bed”, was set for June 30th. The song started from a beat that Mister ATL heard one day from frat brother Lamar L. “It automatically clicked with me, it was just a hybrid of hip hop and R&B, and just the feel of it got me,” said ATL. “No Wed, No Bed” is about making a choice, and not having to buckle down with what the world does as a whole.

As of now, Mister ATL is an independent artist with hopes of developing his name into a household brand. Mister ATL is also in works on a tour around college campuses across the south with his single “No Wed, No Bed”. You can listen to Mister ATL music exclusively on his website www.MisterATLmusic.com, Follow him on Instagram- RealMisterATL, Twitter- @MisterATL, Facebook- MisterATLMusic.ATL pic


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