Inside Pike Road: Growth and Community


Pike Road, AL- While the Town of Pike Road was not incorporated as a municipality until 1997, people have chosen to make a life in the Pike Road area for more than 175 years. The Marks, Mathews and Meriwether families first settled in the area just east and south of Montgomery in 1815, where they farmed the fertile land. As they were joined by others, a small but thriving community grew up at the intersection of Pike and Meriwether Roads, both major thoroughfares for travelers and traders. Pike Road earned its name from the toll or “pike” that travelers desiring to travel it had to pay. The community that formed near the crossroads borrowed its name, and it was known simply as Pike Road until the Town of Pike Road was officially established just over 20 years ago.

The Pike Road community moved to incorporate in 1997 as an attempt to preserve the agricultural heritage and pastoral scenery of the area – incorporation gave them a seat at the decision-making table as the area began to develop. Throughout the Town’s first twenty years, citizens have worked with Town leadership and planning professionals to honor the area’s heritage while planning for continued prosperity. Together, they identified four priorities, or pillars – quality of life, public services, community planning and education – and consistently evaluate how new goals and actions will affect them. Today, the Town of Pike Road is home to over 9,500 citizens across the demographic spectrum who were drawn to both the community’s tranquil, historic feel and the excitement of the modern town’s fresh ideas.

“People like our quality of life,” said Mayor Stone. “They enjoy the hospitality of our neighborhoods, and I think they are excited about the future.”

In 2012, the Town implemented an initiative called ENHANCE to ensure an exceptional quality of life. ENHANCE is an acronym representing community interests: Exercise, Nutrition, Health, Agriculture, Nature, Community and Education. The program is led by volunteer committees who create innovative ways to conserve the area’s agricultural heritage, expand recreation and broaden artistic offerings. More than 80 events each year contribute to the initiative. ENHANCE also led to the creation of the town’s Natural Trails System, a group of beautiful multi-use trails that crisscross the town’s rural landscapes and connect neighbors, family and friends. Patriot Park, an Innovation Campus for Agriculture, Life Sciences and Wellness, began construction in 2017. Once completed, this education and recreation complex will provide flexible learning spaces for local students, sports facilities including football, softball, baseball, and more.

The Patriot Park Innovation Campus is just one unique aspect of the Pike Road Schools System, which welcomed students in the fall of 2015. This milestone was the culmination of a vision shared by countless community members for decades. Parents and students have the opportunity to experience a unique and creative quality public education system in their
hometown, and it’s just one more tool in the Town of Pike Road’s efforts to offer a promising future for all of its residents.

“We are thankful for the hundreds and hundreds of people who put thousands of hours into
making the school happen, as well as those who are continuing the hard work necessary to see that every child has an opportunity to succeed,” said Mayor Stone. “PRS was created in the community’s vision, and experiences great support from all of our citizens.”
In the 20 years since its incorporation, The Town of Pike Road has expanded into a flourishing town and one of the fastest growing areas in the state. With exceptional and efficient municipal services, citizen-driven community programming, detailed growth planning, and a young school system, it has never lost sight of what makes it distinct.

“We have such great people, and the town’s leadership has listened to them and stayed true to what is important to them,” Mayor Stone said. “Now, seeing our citizens coming together and investing both their prayers and passions in their hometown is very exciting. It is special to live and work in a place that has so many engaged people!”

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