Montgomery Regional Airport adds new signage for rental car customers


Montgomery, AL– Just in time for Thanksgiving, rental car customers at the Montgomery Regional Airport will have an easier time finding and returning cars. This week, work will be completed to enhance MGM’s exterior rental car area with wayfinding signage.

Members of the Airport Authority approved $85,000 in spending to add new branding of the rental car area, which includes adding rental car banners, post-mounted signage, and internally solar-powered illuminated marker signs directing customers to clearly designated spaces.

The Executive Airport Director, Marshall J. Taggart, Jr. said, “We are always listening to feedback from business and leisure travelers. Rental cars were sometimes difficult to locate at the airport, particularly at night. The addition of brighter, more dynamic signs enhances customer safety and increases the ease of locating and returning vehicles. This is another initiative to improve the customer experience.”

The new, illuminated markers are solar powered—a strategic decision made in support of the airport’s goals to enhance sustainability efforts and to infuse innovation and technology while maintaining efficiency.

Taggart added, “We’re also pleased to announce that rental car customers are not the only airport users with something to be thankful for at MGM. Through December 26, 2020, Delta Airlines has added two additional flights to accommodate the holiday travel volume. Delta now has five daily departures and arrivals. This speaks to the productive relationship forged with Delta and most importantly, to MGM’s viability as a high-yield airport because of residents of Montgomery and the River Region.”

Data show the Montgomery Regional Airport has decreased its leakage to larger airports, improving its position in the market. In 2017, 65% of passengers drove to Atlanta to catch flights. In 2020, that number has decreased to 42% according to a recent study done by a national air service development firm. More people are starting to originate flights from Montgomery rather than driving to Atlanta or Birmingham.

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