New Neighborhood Association presents Meet and Greet


Montgomery, AL- Residents of Highland Gardens are about to be a part of a new revitalized neighborhood association that is cutting edge to cater to the communities needs in Highland Gardens. New programs, resources, classes, and events will be convenient and accessible within the community.

The new Highland Garden United Neighborhood Association Meet and Greet will take place Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 11AM at the Highland Gardens Community Center.

The association will provide and implement a mental wellness support group, softball team, H.G. Youth Adventures Scouts, fishing club, bike club, yoga classes, 1k – 5k walk and run events, self-defense classes, art classes, choir festivals, karaoke family fun events, vocational training, GED tutoring, pottery classes, healthy food resources, and community improvements, and developments.

The Neighborhood Association President Patricia June says that she will be available and accessible in times of need for the residents and communities.

The programs, resources, classes, and events are for all ages, and all are welcomed to join.

Food and drinks will be served at the meeting.

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