NFL Football Week 3 Review


By Condie Pugh, Sports Intern

Week three of NFL Football has come to a close with its fair share of explosive plays and highly anticipated games. Week three was a week marked on all football fans’ calendars because it had a game consisting of the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs. The quarterback duel for this game was everything it was expected to be, after the slow start from Lamar Jackson. In the game Patrick Mahomes the Chiefs quarterback looked like his usual self as he went 31/42 with four passing touchdowns. Lamar Jackson the Ravens quarterback went an unexpected 15/28 with ninety-seven passing yards, and another eighty-three. In the end the Chiefs won by fourteen and a very solid performance in all three phases of the game. “Phases of the game” include offense, defense, and special teams. 

Two more exciting games that aired on sunday, were the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys. Going into this game, both of these teams have a lot to prove but I feel that really the only pressure would be on the Cowboys. I say this because the Seahawks have something very few teams in the NFL have and that’s a MVP quarterback. Russell Wilson has started this season in a familiar fashion, by imposing his will on every defense he has played so far and is the betting favorite to win MVP of the NFL this year. They went on to beat Dallas in a thriller which dropped the Cowboys to 1-2, while leaving the seahawks at 3-0. 

Something else that was surprising on Sunday, well maybe nt so much is that the Atlanta Falcons blew another big lead to the bears as they dropped to 0-3. Another Quarterback duel that all football fans were sure to tune into would be Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers facing Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, the Packers came out on top as this game went down to the wire and they won by a touchdown.

The New England Patriots handled the Las Vegas Raiders as they dominated just about the whole game, as well as the San Francisco 49’ers as these are two teams with Superbowl aspirations. The biggest and most surprising game of the week to me was the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions. During the first two weeks of the season the Cardinals have been dominant winning their first two games in dominant fashion. But, this week was different, they played a less talented lions team and lost. Of course, this is nothing to be worried about or maybe it will be because they may have found the remedy to beating the high flying Cardinals.

The Tennessee Titans barely escaped the Minnesota Vikings as they won by a point. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Broncos, as the Tom Brady and Mike Evens connections looked to be falling right into place as they went 2-2 with two touchdowns.

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