Ridgecrest community leader ready to serve on City Council

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL- Quartez “Dan” Harris (D) is in the race for Montgomery City Council District 4. The seat was vacated by David Burkette, who recently won the Alabama Senate District 26 race.

Harris is currently the Athletic Director at Connecting Life Community Center. There he serves as a mentor for at-risk youth to help them become more productive in the community. He also has a track record of community involvement, including assisting with Camp Jesus Saves.

With his experience in the community, Harris says that he is now ready to lead District 4 in a positive direction. He has learned to understand the needs of the community. “I want to continue working in my community. I have great ideas and activities for seniors and our youth.”

Economic development is a major concern for Harris. He says that we need more viable business on the West side. “We need more business in our area besides dollar stores and fast food restaurants.”

Harris is a native of Montgomery. He was raised in the Ridgecrest neighborhood.

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