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roc1If you ever been to Club 50/50, My Place, or the Nineteen Wine Bar and Bistro, you probably already experienced a Roc Drink cocktail. Jarvis “RocFlanagan” Hamilton is a mixologist at all of these venues. He is also the owner of Roc Drinks, a mobile bartending service. We took the time to speak with him. Here is what he had to share

How long have you been bartending?

I’ve been bartending for 5 years now.  I graduated from Minnesota School of bartending which is one of the largest bartending schools in the country.

What types of events do you provide your services for?

Weddings indoor and outdoor, birthday parties, club VIP, divorce parties, home parties, engagement parties, going away parties, homecoming parties etc . Basically if you need alcohol services and bartending I can make it happen.

What are your favorite drinks to make?

I have a wide variety of drinks that I like to make, but I really like to get in the mind of my customer. So my favorite thing to do is get some basic ideas about what my customer likes and take those ideas to create something to cater to their taste buds. Those are my favorite drinks.

Do you offer any classes or lessons?

I do offer classes and lessons to those who are aspiring to be a bartender / mixologist. One goal of mine is to create a school for bartending once I retire from behind the bar.

You often work in a fast-paced environment. Are there any challenges in providing superior guest satisfaction in this type of atmosphere?

You have to do a lot of quick thinking you have to do when working in a fast paced environment, especially in the service industry. But  I’ve come to realize that if you do what you love there’s nothing too complicated. As a bartender / mixologist you have to be open and pay attention to a lot of things such as customer’s taste and what they expect in a excellent cocktail.

As a bartender, how would you describe urban night life in Montgomery? What can be done to make it better?

I feel as though the nightlife in Montgomery is becoming more cultured. There are more things to do and more variety of things to do. I’ve worked in big cities where the culture is totally different but I think Montgomery is coming into its own culture. I think in these next few years Montgomery will grow to have a steady nightlife.

How can someone get in contact with you?

ROC DRINKS- Facebook

rocbartender1 -Twitter

Or 334 300-5636 for booking.

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